Alex Hall

Alex Hall

  • Director,
  • D.O.P / Camera Operator,
  • Video Postproduction,
  • Photographer

Travel photographer and film-maker from Brooklyn, New York City. Currently creating in Berlin.

Sweet Denial

09 Feb 2018 CRCLR, Berlin
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Adrian Zwicker Cinematographer
Alex Hall Colour grading

uon - Sweet Denial

- Dancer, choreographer, and performer: Phyllis Akinyi -

- Cinematographer: Adrian Zwicker

- Production assistant: Sofie Overgaard

- Editing: Anna Sharifi

- Colour grading: Alex Corry Hall

- Location: Circular, Berlin -

- Location scout: Nina Branner

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Smash TV - 305-1 (Official Clubvideo)

22 Nov 2017 Berlin / Germany
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Smash TV Music Production
Weronika Zarywska Fashion Design (Esmod)
Laura Sieger Female Model
Saga Loxdal Fashion Design (Esmod)
Anna Muggia Fashion Design (Esmod)
Iga Szubiak Fashion Design (Esmod)
Alina Lechner Fashion Design (Esmod)
Ana Stamenkova Fashion Design (Esmod)
Victoria Schmidt Fashion Design (Esmod)
Natalie Heidinger Fashion Design (Esmod)
Jaqueline Schönberg Fashion Design (Esmod)
Gen Jenson Fashion Design (Esmod)
Maira Becke Fashion Design (Esmod)
Vera Gaida Fashion Design (Esmod)
Clara Miramon Fashion Design (Esmod)
Loreen Smith Fashion Design (Esmod)
Baberto Lambrusco Male Model
Benjamin Bayram Male Model
Tabea Miller Hair & Make Up

Smash TV + Blaenk Minds + Esmod Clubvideo

This is the second collaboration between Blaenk Minds and Smash TV. Only this time we all turned our head towards the creative field of fashion, bringing in the Esmod Fashion Design School Berlin. A selection of students where allowed to wrap their years work around Models and have them perform in front of the camera. A great concept that delivered great Footage. But then we had to admit that the visual focus of this collaboration became very fashion-centered so we had to tone it down a bit again. Addeing a visual and flashy layer brought it back to the club again, where it now works amazingly.

Blaenk Minds is a DJ Duo producing a clubvideo for every track they play: At night they are mixing these Audio-Video Tracks at the club. Its not a music video. Clubvideos are projected in a club through projectors or LED panels while the music shoots through the speakers. They are visually strong, darker, flashy and the picture sits perfectly on the beat. All this is important in order to support and enhance the atmosphere of the club. Another important cornerstone of clubvideos are creative collaborations.

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Chess Boxing Global Promo - Ben Becker

15 Jun 2017 Berlin
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Alex Hall Director, Editing
Iepe Ruhbing Producer
Ben Becker On-Screen Talent

Günther Krabbenhöft | The Etiquette of Style

11 Nov 2015 Berlin
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Alex Hall Camera, Editing
The Hashtag HERO Producer
Günther Krabbenhöft On-Screen Talent