Your Creative Network

Collaboration - The super power of creatives!

Blaenks is the Platform to build your Network, showcase your portfolio, find inspiration or connect to your clients and fans. Artworks are the dots that connect the creative world.


Travel the world of
creativity and get inspired

Find inspiring artists and
build your crew

Show & grow your network
Connect to clients and find jobs




Work, experiment,
and build your portfolio

Pitch your skills and
references to Clients

Give fans insight into
your creative process

Contribute & inspire others

My Profile


Upload your work
and link collaborators - now your
team shares one artwork

Someone links you in a artwork,
your portfolio grows automatically

Credits never get lost

The App

We are very close, but not yet
finished - still confident enough
to tease it to you.

Yes, the App will visualize the
creative network

No, it is not going to look like this :)