Joel Black

Joel Black

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Joel Isaac Black • Like music, big fan of sound ? Cowboy-conjurer•Dedicated Disco Dilettante•Berlin DJ by way of Texas and California•Music Sourcery•Sound Design•Event Realisation•

Hazy Pockets • Garbicz 2017 • Buk Corner

04 Dec 2017
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A Garbicz Supreme. Boom-boom in the Buk Corner.
Dusk into NIGHT. Sunday 21:00, the last official lineup spot before a torturous pause and the after-hours magic. A tremendous thank you to the crew at the Buk Corner, the sweetest children around. Magic lights, sounds, sensations, dancers. Wink-wink.

Beato - Art & Social Club /// Blaenk Nights (Event)

04 Dec 2017 Beato, Lisboa, Portugal
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Kristian Blaenk Minds Installation Concept / DJ
Dorothee • Blaenk Minds Visual Content Curation / DJ
Nico Stinghe Video Artist
Filipa Brito Video Artist
Schall & Schnabel Video Artist
Martim Mónica Video Artist
Pedro Duarte Jorge Photography Art
Gösta von Platen Fashion- / Video Arist
Hugo Capablanca DJ
Thiago DJ
Artur8 DJ
Daniel Haaksmann DJ
LoYoTo DJ Team
Luis Rosenberg DJ
Constança Clara Art Installation "Tree Room"
Sebastião Saraiva Art Installation "Rhino & Shark"
Catarina Alves Art Installation
Diogo Botelho Moniz Art Installation "The Cloud"
Tiago Franco Art Installation

It was THE off location during Web Summit 2017 in Lisboa. Art installations, visuals, rooftop bar and house party. Well selected artists and a group of friends from Berlin & Lisboa coming together to compose 5 nights to remember.

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