Anna Sharifi

Anna Sharifi

  • Video Postproduction,
  • Musician / Producer
Berlin + Copenhagen

Composer, producer, musician and singer in the synthpop/techno duo uon.


19 Oct 2017 OHM / Berlin / Germany
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Kristian Blaenk Minds Camera, Editing & DJ
Dorothee / Blaenk Minds Event Promoter & DJ
Brix & Maas Photo Exhibition
Schall & Schnabel Photo and Video Exhibition
Xaver Hirsch Live Video Mixing (VJ)
Anna Sharifi Live Singing
Ronja Busse Live Singing
Fiete Rohde Live Clubvideo
Michael Kandel Live Clubvideo
Berlin SF Live Clubvideo
Adam John Williams Live Clubvideo

BLAENK NIGHTS is the Event Series around
Creatives collaborate and showcase their work at the club.

Next BLAENK NIGHTS will happen in Lissabon Nov. 9th - watch out!

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Clubvideo Workshop Recap

18 Oct 2017 Berlin / Germany
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  • Making of
Alex Hall Film Camera & Video Editing
Ronja Busse Participant
Adam Participant
Fiete Rohde Participant
Anna Sharifi Participant
Sarah Funke Participant
Michael Kandel Participant
Blaenk Spot Location

a quick recap of our Clubvideo Workshop, October 13-15th 2017.

3 days of listening to tracks, looking through weird and abstract footage. Contemplating about clubdynamics and ambient light settings. Diving into the philosophy of different editing techniques. Out came 5 tracks that the participants performed at the closing night "Blaenk Nights" at Ohm Berlin.

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