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A Marco Resmann track gets a clubvideo from the other side of the planet.

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Marco Resmann sent us a scribble of a track called "Glide" a little while ago and we loved it. Since he had no idea when and where and why to release it, we didn't really know if we should go for it, or wait for a release date. Of course if you hand out your scribbles there has to be some kind of trust. Same goes for moodboards and other ideas. Trust is one core value (to avoid the word ‚currency’) when it comes to collaboration. We totally understand artists who are afraid to hand out their ideas - we have been there as well. But if you keep that river flowing, ideas keep comming. And if you collaborate with the right people, trust comes back.

Meanwhile …on the other side of the world Blaenk Minds was invited by Goethe Institute Thailand to give a Clubvideo Workshop in the Universities of Bangkok and Chiang Mai. So they put us infront of a Film-Class and gave us a microphone. „The idea is to bring musicvideos to the club. But if you want them to work in a club setting, they have to be dark, flashy and edited to the beat“. These kids went totally crazy by presenting us tons of ideas.

As the closing event to these workshops, we play those clubvideos at a local club and mix them with the rest of our set.

Why Collaborate?

It does a lot to your creative work - it can bring your idea to another level - you maybe learn to see your own creativity in different angels. So anyway, a few weeks after Resmann sent us the track, we showed him the video from the Bangkok Workshop, directed by Patikhom Laphaphan - he was not expecting this, the video does take the track some place else. Its raw and direct. It connects to the music and works in a club (a clubvideo does not have to work in your fast-scrolling facebook timeline). Now this Clubvideo is promoting the 10 Years Compilation for Upon You Records and a group of students from Bangkok have their video tour the world with Blaenk Minds.

The Artistic Snowshoe

The other day I was talking to a fellow artist about collaboration in the era of social media and content marketing. He came back with this sweet and simple picture: „nowadays you have to kind of walk in deep snow. If you have to do it alone, its like walking with small feet: you sink in. Collaboration your reach is bigger - its like putting on Snowshoes“


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10 22.06.2017
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